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Hybrid vs Electric

Hybrid & Electric Cars


With the dramatic shift towards lowering carbon emissions meaning the demand for hybrid and electric vehicles have soared. At PD Cars we can source your perfect alternative fuelled car without the high price tags and also provide our Finance Solutions to aid in your next purchase.


Before purchasing your alternative fuel efficient car, below are some points to consider when searching for your next purchase.


Electric Car


  • Minimises carbon footprint by not using any fuel
  • Lower running costs by not paying for fuel
  • Longer electric-only driving range compared to Hybrids
  • Lower servicing costs compared to combustible engines
  • Low on emissions tax



  • Need for planning routes due to limited electric range.
  • Electric range reduced further due to night driving and weather conditions
  • Limited charging points infrastructure 
  • Longer “refuelling” process
  • Higher environmental impact during production process
  • More expensive to purchase compared to Hybrids


Hybrid Car


  • Longer overall driving range compared to electric cars
  • Ability to self-charge electric battery
  • Higher overall MPG compared to combustible engines
  • Lower running costs 
  • Low emissions tax



  • More expensive to purchase compared to traditional combustible engines
  • Higher environmental impact during production process.
  • Longer electric-only charging process compared to Electric cars